About The Author

About J.L. Witterick

JL Witterick is an international bestselling author. Her books are enjoyed in 10 languages around the world. She loves to tell stories that are inspirational and moving. My Mother’s Secret, her first novel, has been selected to teach courage and compassion in many schools.

The ideas for her stories can come from the most unlikely of places. Her latest creation, It Was Always Her, was the result of a dream that was so emotionally charged that she could not let it go. In the middle of the night, she started writing!. Time travel and the question of what we would do with a second chance have always fascinated her, and she wove these concepts into this novel.

Writing is a passion for her and she hopes that readers will enjoy her books as much as she enjoyed writing them. She cherishes her family, her friends, her dog, her cats…and her stories.