St. George’s School Poems

posted on Nov 29 2014

So taken with the imagination and depth of thinking at St. George’s School.
The poems and letters written by the students are remarkable.
Looking forward to this visit!

Good afternoon,
I am sorry to bother you again but I wanted to share with you how much your novel as impacted my boys. After each section, the boys are asked to express themselves in writing – After Helena, they were asked to write a journal entry as Helena, after Mikolaj a composition discussing something they take for granted and would miss if it were suddenly stolen away (Mikolaj says that he misses the sun more than anything else). For the section on Bronek, the boys were asked to write a poem about loss. I have included a couple about Damian that I hope you enjoy. Your novel has lead to some incredible conversations and has impacted the boys quite deeply. Thank you.

Stephen Sturgeon
Deputy Principal
St. George’s Junior School

Hi Ms. Witterick,

First off, can I just tell you how excited we all are that you’re coming to visit?! The boys can’t wait. Your book has spread like wildfire. The boys often comment under their breath, “This is, like, a REALLY good book…” They have found it so interesting and talk about it so often in their classes that even ALL of the Grade 7 teachers have read it! The math, French, and Science teachers all loved it too. Thank you for writing this book.

St. George’s School
Karyn Roberts | Grade 6 & 7 Coordinator, Grade 7 Homeroom and Language Arts Teacher